In Provençal, Angueiroun means "little eel"...

Welcome to the Château.

The Domaine is an incredibly beautiful, enchanting place. I moved here in 1998, and remember how strong my first impression was. This impression has never changed. The fullness of the moment where time stops and how you see your life suddenly become clear: that is here.

This is my twenty-fourth year as an independent wine producer and owner of the Château Angueiroun. I am lucky in that I love my work and am supported by a great team that is dedicated to the domaine’s development. Our main objectives have always been to make quality wines and obtain recognition for our work.

Click here to explore Château Angueiroun in pictures. And don’t hesitate to pay us a visit, we would love to give you a taste of our wines and share our passion for our business.

Have a pleasant visit!

Eric Dumon